Calling in:

  • Spiritual seekers looking for a more profound meaning in their life
    • Parents who want to guide their children with a deeper understanding
    • Teachers/Carers of small children who want different (Out of the square) solutions that help their students learn with more ease
    • People who are currently having relationship challenges and want to strengthen their connection to each other
  •  Counsellors who want an extra tool to decipher their clients ‘inner traits’

Using the ancient science of Numerology - you will be able to:

  • Understand the orderly progression of your life cycles - so you can attain a better knowing of your inner self
  • Break out of any limitations which you have been conditioned to 
  • Express your true individuality to act rather than react
  • Find your True Purpose
  • Determine your ideal career path
  • Understand family & relationship dynamics
  • Parents come with no manual perse, so learn how to guide your children gently with all the wisdom you hold

The magic word is LISTEN

    • Just imagine each time you felt challenged in your life, you had a tool that is simple to use and gives you crystal clear clarity of what is happening in your life with solutions and guidance that help you break through, using the wisdom of your own core nature.
    • Imagine having children who are happy, content, individual beings bringing joy through your guidance.
    • Imagine being in a harmonious relationship with your loved ones, where you can both communicate your needs and desires while being heard by the other person.
    • Overcoming obstacles through understanding each other with respect and love.
    • Assistance with breaking through barriers for challenging client’s needs.

The course includes an extensive Training Manual

1 x live Zoom Meeting (with a recording)
Audio Power Point presentation to refer to

You will also receive two bonuses of –

  • House numbers valued at $44
  • Live 30-minute Zoom reading with the Numbers Work cards valued at $50
  • Gift of an excerpt of Personal year report valued at $44

What you will get out of this course

  • Orderly progression of your life’s cycles
  • Attain an understanding of your inner self
  • Break out of any limitations which you have been conditioned to
  • Express your true individuality by acting rather reacting (will set you free)
  • Defining weaknesses & strengths in your character
  • Discover your true Essence
  • Reconnect with WHO you really are
  • Learn the Birth Numbers (found in your date of birth)
  • Day Lesson
  • Life Path Challenge Number
  • Birth Grids 
  • The Cycles of Human Experience
  • Yearly – Monthly and Daily cycles 
  • And so much more

Who the course is for

  • People on a spiritual journey wanting to know more about themselves
  • Parents who want to guide their children aligned with their natural talents
  • Teachers who are looking outside the box for tools to use in the classroom
  • Counsellors and coaches to have additional tools when you want more knowledge that help your client/s

Who the course is not for

  • Anyone who is not open to alternative wisdom
  • Someone who is sceptical and unwilling to move into a new paradigm
  •  People under 18

Lyn Busuttil

My passion in life is Numerology, Children and experimenting with my culinary skills. My life purpose, numerologically speaking; is to introduce people to this age-old science. My formal education situated within Early Child Development in the UK.

My introduction to Numerology was in 1976. My journey had begun into the amazing world of Numbers. In 1994 I retired from corporate life to become a professional Numerologist.

Pythagoras had always intrigued me at school and I soon learned that he was perhaps the first to introduce Numerology to the western world. I read, studied, and researched on this invaluable yet under-represented topic. My passion for numerology grew astronomically. Despite a rather tumultuous childhood and disruptive home environment, I intuitively knew of my natural gift, being intuition. Learning Numerology has helped me to understand myself at a very deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level. You could say that numerology gave me a sense of purpose as to the person I am today.

Some of my Numerology endeavours includes but not limited to have appeared on Channel 7 television (South Australia) promoting the ‘Numbers Work Divinatory Cards’, making regular guest appearances on a talk back Radio show in Adelaide, radio interviews locally and internationally, conducting readings at Body Mind Psychic Expos, a Numerology columnist for the ‘Inner Self’ newspaper (Australia) and being invited to present my workshops in US in 2004. I have been fortunate enough to work in varied capacities with diverse audiences in various parts of the globe. With the increasing demand in numerology work, I have established four levels of numerology workshops which has gained widespread popularity since the late 1990s. The workshops are now available online as well as face to face.


NO (they do not apply to this course)

YES (A ruler, Red, Blue, Black, and Green ball point pens)

YES (Suggested reading is noted in the training manual)

Equivalent to 15hours or at your own pace

NO but you are required to attend a live Zoom call with me to complete the course

Approximately 60 minutes

YES (However payment has to be completed before commencement of the course)


Justin father of 5 – Stepfather of 3 & Business Owner
Lyn’s knowledge and understanding of numerology is just so extensive. She has really opened my eyes to this phenomenal insight into the "mapping out" of our human experience through numbers!!!
I couldn't recommend her more highly. She's thorough, has a genuine desire to help people and is super professional in everything she does.

Wellbeing Inventory Facilitator, Life Designer & Mother of 3
Lyn's passion for numbers is evident in the way she speaks about her work. Recently, I attended an online introductory workshop with a small group of women to learn more about the meaning, significance, and purpose of our life numbers - in particular, our date of birth. The stories that unfolded were entertaining and enlightening. It has piqued my curiosity to learn more - especially how numbers impact relationships within my family, setting special event dates and forecasting my personal year. I personally enjoyed my time with Lyn and would highly recommend Lyn to anyone with a thirst for number wisdom.

Business Owner & Retired RN
I have experienced several courses with Lyn. They have all been informative, easy to follow and fun to participate in.
I would highly recommend Lyn as a teacher, she is also a wonderful person.
Numerology constantly remains with me after so many years, a very worthwhile experience.

Geophysicist & Mother of 2
I did Lyn's numerology levels I & II. The accuracy in the numbers is astonishing and the insight Lyn was able to impart to enhance the courses was fantastic. Lyn clearly has a passion for numbers, and this comes through in the knowledge and enthusiasm she displays in her courses. And it was fun!!

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